“The Shampoo Guy”

P1030736   In his 4th year at Swick’s Flea Market and Auction, “The Shampoo Guy” continues to bring necessary products to customers at great prices. His booth is open year-round, every Saturday from 9am-4pm unless there is ice or snow. P1030735 His booth specializes in personal care items. He carries shampoo obviously, as well as diapers, other hygiene products for men and women, and home care items like dishwashing and clothing detergent. The stock rotates from week to week. In this booth, this merchandise is half to one-third of the price you’d pay in the store. These are popular brands and products, available to Swick’s customers for ridiculously low prices. Why overpay in the store? Come to The Shampoo Guy instead! He says about Swick’s:

“It’s the nicest flea market you’ll find as far as attitude. It is very family oriented, and a very nice environment. With Bell’s, the kids can ride and you can shop.”

See what he means by stopping at his booth this weekend.


Abraham’s Loft


Abraham’s Loft is relatively new to Swick’s, having been at the flea market for four months, but already they are a crowd favorite. They are present every Saturday that weather allows

Abraham’s Loft specializes in “collectibles and old stuff.” This is an assortment of anything and everything. The supply of merchandise changes weekly, but Joe and Lenora – the store owners – always have jewelry, clothing, ceramics, kitchenware, knives, guns, and tools. They carry miscellaneous furniture items and electronics as well.

“Whatever we can get our hands on, we try to offer it.”

What makes Abraham’s Loft stand out is the selection of merchandise and its presentation. There is something for everyone due to the wide range of products. They also take great pride in the presentation. The booth is arranged like a store, in order to create an easy shopping experience for the customer.

P1030707 P1030703

P1030700 P1030715

There are many benefits of shopping at Abraham’s Loft. The best reason to shop at this booth, however, is the friendly and helpful demeanor of Joe and Lenora. They care about their customers’ shopping experience, and are eager to help you find what you need.

See for yourself this week at Swick’s Flea Market and Auction!

Emily’s Booth



Emily has been at Swick’s Flea Market & Auction for five years, and in that time, she has developed a great selection of products at even better prices.

Emily has a lot of merchandise, and she can afford to because she also has a lot of space. She is set up outside, just beyond the auction building in booths 47 & 48, but these two units are just the tip of the iceberg of what she has to offer. They overflow in the front and back with rows of additional merchandise.


In Emily’s booth, you will find little bit of everything. The first unit is filled from floor to ceiling with beautiful antiques and one-of-a-kind items, including glassware, dishes, pictures, paintings, toys, and more. These nostalgic pieces would be great for decorating a home. And the best part, they are more affordable than your nearest antique or thrift shop.

In the second unit, there was a wide variety of practical items, P1030619everything from movies and old electronic equipment to games to bright dish-ware. Additionally, behind this unit there is a wide assortment of clothing. These clothes are good quality and at an incredible value, with all garments sold 2-for-$,1 and the shoes just $1 per pair.

“I have everything you could need, at a good price. I can sell it cheaply because I have so much.”

P1030645In the extra rows of merchandise in front of her units, one can find toys, baskets, hardware and tools, furniture, decorations, and a wide range of other products. The bottom line is, Emily has what you are looking for. Her booth caters to men, women, adults, and children. See for yourself this Saturday at Swick’s Flea Market!

Happy Holidays!


Christmas is just around the corner!

Do you have a couple people left on your list?

Swick’s Flea Market is the best place to take care of everyone on your list this season. Swick’s has a wide range of booths and just about any merchandise you could need. There is a little something for everyone, at affordable prices. We have toys, games, and movies for children. There is a wide arrangement of jewelry and beauty products for that special someone. Many different booths have antiques and unique collectibles for even the difficult people on your list. Make the season merrier at Swick’s Flea Market.

Don’t forget to bring the kids along! They can use the rides at connected Bell’s Kiddieland while you finish all your shopping!


Terry’s Metal Art


Darlene’s Avon Booth


Brenda’s Boutique


Herb’s Booth


T-Town Treasures by Marianne


Lucky Booth 13


Bruno & Judy’s Booth


Keyless Remotes Booth


Buddy & Carol’s Booth


Mark’s Surplus


T’s Jewelry


Colleen & Jerry’s Booth


Bill & Phyllis: The Glass Masters


Chester & Hallie’s Booth

Bill and Phyllis: The Glass Masters


Bill and Phyllis have been at Swick’s Flea Market and Auction for just a year, and already their booth is full of incredibly beautiful merchandise, and they have brought new life and fun to the market! The couple specializes in glass figures and collectible coins. They also create custom clocks, hair feathers, and oil paintings. They are incredibly talented artists, and each of their creations is one-of-a-kind and would be a great addition to any room.

DSC06684  DSC06687  DSC06682DSC06686            DSC06691

Using oxygen and propane, Bill and Phyllis will make a flame that is about 1800 degrees. Bill is a retired fire fighter, and so it is fitting that he should work with flames each Saturday at Swick’s. They use glass rods and form different shapes as the glass melts, creating beautiful and intricate pieces of art. Phyllis has been doing this about 40 years, and Bill has been doing it for 20, and their years of experience are obvious when you watch how quickly they create each intricate piece. They make the figures right there at the flea market, so customers can see the glass come to life. This also allows them to do custom orders on the spot, making unique gifts, decorative pieces, jewelry, and even wedding toppers! Their cards are available at the booth, and the couple can be contacted for custom orders any time!

DSC06709  DSC06710  DSC06706

As the holidays approach, keep “The Glass Masters” in mind for an incredibly special and personalized gift!



T-Town Treasures by Marianne


Marianne has been at Swick’s flea market for almost ten years, and what you should know about her booth is: It smells amazing.

DSC06647She primarily sells fragrance warmers and homemade tarts to go with them. These tarts are guaranteed to last longer than any other brand, and come in a variety of fragrances. In fact, she has over 100 different scents! Japanese Cherry Blossom and Cranberry Marmalade are her best sellers, and great gifts for the holidays, but there are many other flower, bakery, and perfume scents. They will last weeks, depending on how often you use your warmer.

There is a club for Marianne’s customers, with about 600 members. As new customers, when they buy 10 fragrances, they get one free. They then become part of the 11/12 club, when they buy 11 fragrances the 12th is free. Her lamps are unique because unlike many sold in stores, they are adjustable. They can be turned up to high to melt the fragrance, then turned to the low setting to maintain the aroma without wasting the tart. The lamp also has a nightlight mode, perfect for children’s rooms, and many are touch activated. Just one of Marianne’s fragrance warmers will fill an entire house with pleasing aroma.

DSC06653         DSC06659

You can buy two or three of Marianne’s lamp for the price of just one competitor’s lamp! They are incredibly affordable, with price options as low as $15-$25. She has a special sale this month with small-touch warmers on sale for only $10! There are also lamp styles and ceramic themed warmers so you can find a warmer that will fit the decor of any room. Another great feature of Marianne’s fragrance warmers is that they are all electric, there are no open flames or dangerous coils. This prevents the risk that most candles carry for starting fire, and makes them dorm room safe!

She is also an artist and sells hand painted tea pots and other kitchen accessories. She takes vintage pieces and uses them to make decoration for the home, and sells a wide assortment of greeting cards. All items in Marianne’s booth are great gifts!

DSC06650         DSC06648

Head over to Swick’s Flea Market and Auction and get a whiff of Marianne’s booth of treasures!


Colleen & Jerry’s Booth


Colleen and Jerry have had their current 2 and a half booths inside at Swick’s Flea Market and Auction for three years. The couple loves Swick’s, and they even met at the flea market!

DSC06425The main product offered in Colleen and Jerry’s booth is an impressive amount of used quilts. There is an incredible variety of quilts and blankets in the booth, some handmade, some factory made. Colleen and Jerry feature designer quilts and wool blankets in their booth, such as Pendleton, Early’s Witney point blankets, Hudson’s Bay, and blankets and quilts from Pottery Barn and Patch Magic at very affordable prices. The used blankets and quilts in the DSC06444booth are in varying conditions: from “like new” to “in need of repair.” Many of the “like new” quilts are fantastic options for holiday gifts for loved ones, or decorating a bedroom. Even the quilts that are worn down or in need of repair, however, have been utilized by happy customers as dog bed or car blankets, covers for picnic tables, and for a variety of other practical purposes. There is also a variety of patterns and designs, including traditional styles such as dresden plates, double wedding rings, log cabin, and patchwork, along with fun themed designs. These patterns and styles span all age groups, including baby blankets.

All of the quilts and blankets in Colleen and Jerry’s booth are half price or more off their original prices. They also have occasional sales, when the savings are even greater, such as their every quilt for $20 sale. These are the DSC06428lowest prices in town for the quality product that they offer. The couple also buys year-round so there is always new merchandise available.


DSC06418  DSC06420

Of course, as with many of the booths at Swick’s, Colleen and Jerry offer more than just one great product. Their booth has beautiful and affordable vintage jewelry, including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. They also sell Greenwood all natural bug sprays and repellants (tested at OSU) that are safe for pets and people. One other unique item you can find at Colleen and Jerry’s booth is the Christian newspaper they produce that gets sent to hundreds of DSC06423churches, and people around the world! They produce a new paper once a month, and copies are available at the booth!

Lucky Booth 13


Carol and Pete have had an indoor booth at Swick’s Flea Market and Auction for six years. Carol is a retired art teacher, which inspires the fun and refreshingly out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere of Lucky Booth number 13.

The main focus of Carol and Pete’s booth is jewelry, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more. Carol said, “Pete has been giving me turquoise since we met and that’s how it all started.” She knows what she likes, and the pieces in Booth 13 are beautiful. Jewelry is priced very reasonably and competitively, because Carol and Pete have made an art out of reclaiming forgotten or broken items from pawn shops,markets and estate sales, and restoring them to their former beauty. Many of the items are also purchased from Native American reservations in New Mexico. The couple loves New Mexico and fondly recalls the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe as one of their early inspirations.


DSC06563   DSC06582   DSC06562

In addition to selling jewelry, Carol also buys and trades turquoise and other jewelry items. She told me that she has been successful simply from buying items that she likes, and she is always happy to see new items! Lucky Booth 13 also offers a unique customer service: layaway. Because Carol loves her merchandise, she does everything she can to work with customers and help get her products into the hands of others who love it.

DSC06595    DSC06588    DSC06579

In addition to jewelry, Carol and Pete sell original artwork (paintings and sculptures), Native American items, handmade items, bones, and other miscellaneous treasures. A few of her sculptures can be seen pictured above. Carol and Pete are not Native American, but are moved and inspired by the Native culture and it thus inspires much of their art and merchandise. Check out this unique booth for yourself, and pick up a beautiful piece of turquoise jewelry, every Saturday at Swick’s!

DSC06609       DSC06566      DSC06610


Terry’s Metal Art


Terry has been perfecting his metal artistry and selling his pieces for over 5 years. The incredible thing about Terry’s metal crafting is that he is a self-taught artist, and despite the difficult medium of metal, his work is absolutely beautiful. He has been at Swick’s Flea Market and Auction for a number of years, offering his work to Tulsans at great rates.

DSC06556       DSC06551

Much of the work can be hung on a wall or from a hook, and would be ideal for a porch, cabin, den, or anywhere else in your home! Some pieces are also made into practical household items, such as lamps. His work is centered on Oklahoma and the common history its citizens share. Many of his pieces are representations of nature, cowboys and the West, animals, or Native American design.

The only true way to get an idea for Terry’s beautiful and unique art is to see it for yourself, so go see him on Saturday! His booth is indoor, along the West side of the building.

DSC06552         DSC06549

Keyless Remotes (Booth 26)


Jason has been offering a great product at Swick’s Flea Market and Auction for 11 years. His booth is the first on your left as you enter the main building.

Jason sells factory OEM and aftermarket keyless car remotes. These are the devices that lock and unlock your car, sound your alarm, or pop open your trunk from a distance, and they are a hot commodity as winter approaches and the walk from house to car seems infinitely longer. Jason offers replacements for keyless remotes that have been lost or stolen, or additions for those who have never experienced the convenience of these devices.


In addition to the remotes themselves, he offers an assortment of cases and jackets for his product. These extras can be utilized for fashion, as they come in an assortment of fun colors and styles. They can also be used for protection, as the cases will protect the remote from breaking when keys are dropped (and if you’re like me, your keys are dropped often).

DSC06362Though the keyless remotes are his main focus, Jason offers a variety of other automotive tools and supplies, including license plate covers, windshield wipers, gas cans and funnels, bungee cords, flashlights, jumper cables and more! He also has a substantial supply of Hotwheels and some racing accessories, such as Nascar hats. Don’t go to a bunch of different places for all your different automotive needs, you can meet all of these needs at Jason’s Keyless Remote Booth at Swick’s Flea Market.

                   DSC06357      DSC06359